Eton Mess

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 I stare, forlornly at my shadow, After years of words and cups shared together, Among other immaterial essences of life; The flamed ochre dawn unweaves An orange blob that rises from the west. Tree leaves attach themselves up to their … Continued

River, docks

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I think I sat behind you that one time. Perhaps twice, it could – might even be more Than just an off-chance, singular affair With your Swift, sour, soft, sweet, indifferent hair The moment described itself as I learned. Sinusoid, … Continued

Poem about Poem

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  Trochees, like life do seldom falter first. Indeed, the stress at first is not the worst: The sentence under pyrrhically traversed The path I chose of iambs, in this verse. Enjambments that were utlised before Will find a way … Continued

Kyrielle Sonnet

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  Indistinct we wander – through life, Wallowing o’er a murky strife. Where pardons and sorrows are free; Overwhelmed by infinity So many ones to choose to love- Past and present; here, and above. The choice of solidarity: Overwhelmed by … Continued


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A connoisseur of interest compounded and time confounded Within his grasp lie numerous advantages predetermined Three makes five and two makes three The end is in sight – the tremendous expanse of infinity Comprehensively careful he displaces himself The sum … Continued

Cigarettes and Tea

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Doughy bread and melted butter,Thirteen cheeses of different colourScrambled eggs are yet anotherWay to add to my breakfast table clutter I like to keep things simple, you seeNone of those fancy carbs for meJust a newspaper that I can flutterWith … Continued