Review: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

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Radiohead always found a way to lull you into a sense of security with a heartfelt melody, but also give you nightmares at the same time. With this album, their lullaby dreamscapes coalesce hallucinatory vocals with a new array of … Continued

No Matter What Pinterest Tells You, Humans Are Not Visual Creatures

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Little Timmy stood within the white walls of the test lab where three overworked and underslept college students poked and prodded him with wires. He didn’t enjoy that process, but it wasn’t so bad. He was going to McDonald’s later … Continued

Did This God Guy Really Create Aliens?

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We don’t know when Life’s birthday is. Whenever I look at the bigger picture – of life on our planet with our double decker buses and red roses and revolving doors, I find it a bit dull. It’s not the … Continued

Why Do We Prefer Stories to Data?

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Humans, as a species, prefer stories to data. Our 140,000 year old cave-friend Oogh only conversed with his friend Aagh through grunts and primitive words. Presumably, he told Aagh about how tasty this new batch of mammoth meat was, how … Continued

8 Tips to Write English Like a Pro

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Every other post seems to be about writing on this blog. But bear with me for a fleeting moment; this one is actually going to be a useful post because I’m about to reveal everything I know about writing. I … Continued

Cigarettes and Tea

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Doughy bread and melted butter,Thirteen cheeses of different colourScrambled eggs are yet anotherWay to add to my breakfast table clutter I like to keep things simple, you seeNone of those fancy carbs for meJust a newspaper that I can flutterWith … Continued