Eton Mess

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 I stare, forlornly at my shadow, After years of words and cups shared together, Among other immaterial essences of life; The flamed ochre dawn unweaves An orange blob that rises from the west. Tree leaves attach themselves up to their … Continued

River, docks

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  I think I sat behind you that one time.Perhaps twice, it could – might even be moreThan just an off-chance, singular affairWith your Swift, sour, soft, sweet, indifferent hairThe moment described itself as I learned.Sinusoid, straightened: so like a … Continued

Poem about Poem

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  Trochees, like life do seldom falter first.Indeed, the stress at first is not the worst:The sentence under pyrrhically traversedThe path I chose of iambs, in this verse. Enjambments that were utlised beforeWill find a way to creep within once … Continued

Kyrielle Sonnet

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  Indistinct we wander – through life,Wallowing o’er a murky strife.Where pardons and sorrows are free;Overwhelmed by infinity So many ones to choose to love-Past and present; here, and above.The choice of solidarity:Overwhelmed by infinity Joining dots regarding lineage;A shadow … Continued


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  A connoisseur of interest compounded and time confoundedWithin his grasp lie numerous advantages predeterminedThree makes five and two makes threeThe end is in sight – the tremendous expanse of infinity Comprehensively careful he displaces himselfThe sum of all parts, … Continued

Cigarettes and Tea

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Doughy bread and melted butter,Thirteen cheeses of different colourScrambled eggs are yet anotherWay to add to my breakfast table clutter I like to keep things simple, you seeNone of those fancy carbs for meJust a newspaper that I can flutterWith … Continued

Poem About Life

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  Daybyday I find myself at a lossWriting of things that I never once lost-First, my sanity, convoluted. [Twice]Second, a bit of sleep would have been nice;High on nothing but coffee and some loveA great poet once wrote of time … Continued

Wet Paint

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There is something about the smell of wet paint that needs to be understood with greater understanding. So this post shall be dedicated to exactly that. What does wet paint actually smell like. If I ask one of the sheep, … Continued

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