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I noticed a phenomenon sometime last year where unfortunate souls who considered themselves fortunate started going to concerts held by people no one had ever heard of. Most of the people in our grade were so excited at the prospect … Continued

Nix Olympica

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  He looked up towards the sky. The lavish, deep red sky. So adorned by the rest of the Solar system, with its crisp crimson winds and parchment paper clouds. Mars had always been the prettiest. A gorgeous ruby, glowing … Continued

I don’t read books.

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  I’m in quite a dilemma. For many months I’ve been seeing people all over the internet and in the real world talk about reading books. There are people who love reading, people who don’t, and those who are indifferent. … Continued


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  Last year, when I had nothing to write, as often happens with writers, I wrote about writing. This year I realised that not many people like reading about writing unless they’re writers, which many of my readers are not. … Continued


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I have a problem with the way the world works, with the way your age limits your choices and decisions for long enough till it doesn’t matter anymore. The amount of time humans have lived where age stops being a … Continued

A Quick Update

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A lot has happened since my last post. I started a new grade at a new school, where I only attended four days out of two weeks, because nothing was happening. I also discovered a lot, about people, about myself … Continued

Planets and Boards

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I really enjoy the semi-lucid half awake state, where we lapse in consciousness, yet avoid being totally engulfed by our unconscious. We’ve all been there, tired as a seven billion year old fading star, looking forward to our last few … Continued