Why Do We Prefer Stories to Data?

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Humans, as a species, prefer stories to data. Our 140,000 year old cave-friend Oogh only conversed with his friend Aagh through grunts and primitive words. Presumably, he told Aagh about how tasty this new batch of mammoth meat was, how … Continued

8 Tips to Write English Like a Pro

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Every other post seems to be about writing on this blog. But bear with me for a fleeting moment; this one is actually going to be a useful post because I’m about to reveal everything I know about writing. I … Continued

Consult the Helix

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  There are certain words I absolutely hate using, not because they’re dull or they don’t have meaning, actually it’s the complete opposite of that. Some words are so small yet vibrant, and full of information that they’re a drag … Continued

My Experience with Dogecoin

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  Every once in a while you find something really crazy on the internet, crazy enough that you know that you’re not going to see it for the last time. If it’s really different and catchy, it eventually turns into … Continued

Doldrums, or Why the Little Sad Moments Matter in Life

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It’s a fascinating phenomenon – luck. Just about everyone, from astronauts to international football players and librarians to pilots, believe in some form of luck. And this time, I’m not talking about superstition or horoscopes, or wearing your lucky pair … Continued