Or as he's known these days, Drumpf.

Why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Are Basically the Same

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Blogging about Donald Trump is like listening to Nirvana right after Kurt Cobain’s death. People do it to pretend to be cool, or if you’re on the other side of the producer/consumer gravy train, for ratings. I’m doing it for both.

Or as he's known these days, Drumpf.

What caused this Trump phenomenon? And why is it not a bad thing?

Here’s a man who we see on TV saying things that establishment politicians would never dream of saying, even if they may think it, and when they’re slugged at with the weight of his 10 billion dollar “I’m great with words” insults, it leaves them stunned like a vegan in KFC. Let’s be honest, he says some pretty crazy things. He’s gonna build a wall across the border. He’s going to ban muslims. He’s going to make American muslims wear identification. He’s going to do a lot of blatantly racist things that regular people find infuriating. But why? Surely out of 300 million people there’s enough rational people with a sense of post-Medieval empathy; people who don’t want to kill muslims and spit on Mexicans.

Well, first of all, let’s dispel with this notion that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. (Rubio-bot joke. Had to do it.)

This is what happens when Windows updates in the middle of a GOP Debate

Bernie, on the other hand, is basically Larry David (((gone political))). He connects with young voters, knows his issues and has reasonable stances on things. He believes in getting rid of the middleman in healthcare thus reducing its cost, free college education, and to top it all off, he’s not even racist! Seems it would be great to elect a President Bernie Sanders. And KFC would be pretty happy too.

America is a Centre-Right country.

The United States is a centre-right, or by some standards, far-right country when it comes to politics. UK policies would make Ted Cruz weep into his bible, and according to the rest of the GOP, Europe is positively communist. If Obama ran in the UK he wouldn’t be in the Liberal Party, because Democrats in the USA align somewhere between a coalition of Lib-Dems and Tories in the UK. The establishment GOP, which includes familiar names like Mitt Romney and the Bush trifecta would be further right than the Tories with some UKIP peppered in. And then you have Donald Trump.

The idea behind this right political leaning probably lies in the strong beliefs of things like working hard to make money in a capitalist society, protection of the Second Amendment to protect from government uprising and protecting Christian religious beliefs. Most Democrats, despite their beliefs, would appreciate that these ideals hold a great deal of value in what makes America the country that it is. And that’s where Bernie Sanders with his free college education starts making waves. Because when people hear, for the first time in many election cycles, about a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist advocating what in their minds is Communism – giving things for free to everyone – it rattles the cage of American politics. This is a country where the NHS would be labeled commie propaganda.

Why is Trump such a hit?

Trump isn’t popular with 47% of the country because of his racist stance on things. Most people are racist, and that’s fine. Most people aren’t smart enough to know the difference between China and Mexico, and how enacting tarrifs go against fifty years of trade policy and will crash the economy. He’s not going to build a wall across the border if he gets elected in the same way he’s not going to ban Muslims. If saying racist things helps him get elected, he’ll say it, in the same way he’ll point to Jeb Bush and say “your brother let 9/11 happen.” You don’t do things like that unless you follow up with “it’s just a prank bro.” I believe he secretly doesn’t even care about these issues, because all Trump cares about is Trump.

What electing a President Trump would do, though, is make the American people look themselves in the mirror and reevaluate the entire political system. It’ll make every politican who had hopes of not having to say nice things about this man pull a Chris Christie and endorse him because he’s rich and brash. They’ll wonder if a man like that can get elected President then they really need to change the way their election system, corporate influence, Super PACs, media coverage, and politics in general works. Right now he’s playing the game like a reality show because that’s how the game is played. It’s all about public attacks, sensationalism, and ratings, not about the policies. They’ll need a makeover, Princess Diaries style. I fully expect a President Trump to not bow down to the establishment once he’s in office. Though I wouldn’t know what kind of power the Illuminati has. I’ve only ever been to one of their meetings and never got past the meet and greet with the cucumbers.

That’s the thing. Trump and Bernie aren’t that different.

The reason Trump and Bernie are similar is precisely that, but they approach it from very different angles. Bernie Sanders reportedly has a networth of less than $500,000, which in politics is below poor people – it’s serfdom. Bernie wouldn’t be affected by the establishment either because his entire journey so far in his 40 years of politics has been going against the centre-right grain. If there’s anything this election campaign is proving is that America is finally noticing the effects of corporate influence in politics and is looking to support candidates who are willing to change that. And that’s where Bernie and Trump are similar; when Exxon, Pfizer or Monsanto offer them millions of dollars to change policies in their favour, neither of them are going to accept. One of them because of his values, and the other because he’s too rich to give a damn.

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