Eton Mess

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 I stare, forlornly at my shadow,
After years of words and cups shared together,
Among other immaterial essences of life;
The flamed ochre dawn unweaves
An orange blob that rises from the west.
Tree leaves attach themselves up to their branches
And I limp home backwards.

You iron creases into my shirtsleeves
Before walking back to me, half tired
Half dressed, half calling across to me,
With that look of ravenous hunger as
Atoms fritter into formation.
Feelings flow into being – into physical existence
In the line that draws itself between us.
Ravenous hunger:
It crumbles into imaginary fragments,
As we saturate ourselves
With each other’s totality.

Insatiated nights of sweetened sunrises
Breathing darkness in daydreams​​
As I sit here clobbering keystrokes
Reminiscing infinite counterclockwise reprises
Of dreams, and dreams within dreams​;​
Of blurred past​s;​
Of concretized futures with ossified memories​;​
Of invisible humour in the seams between
The make vague mesne of our everything​.​

Your lips leave mine as you say my name​,​
It still sounds silly to you, but you like it​.​
Like my hobbies or my colourless shirts​.​
Multitudes of snowflakes stir before
lifting into the sky, unfurling, as I
pull my hands away from your hair
And allow the air
to sit still between us.

And the last time I saw you
In a faceless, branded, peach-seated restaurant
I peered into your infinite eyes.
The ones that spoke to me,
“Never leave”
I didn’t know whether I listened to them,

But for my sake, (and for the sake of this poem)​​
I hope I did.​

-Upamanyu Acharya

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IIM Ahmedabad MBA 2021. My hobbies include being vague, bending rules, time-travel, and embellishment of words. This is my personal blog where I write on topics ranging from blockchain, to leadership skills and the consistency of jam.

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