The Lady Red – Ipshita Peters

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Today’s Collab Week post is a poem on the colour red, written by Ipshita Peters. You can find her blog at


The Lady Red

I shall tell you a story today
of a lady named Red.
Our tale is of two lovers
and perhaps better left unsaid.

She had a dark russet hue
stirred into her blood.
She sang of songs forgotten
sweet as a flower bud.

We met atop a rainbow divine,
high above the ground.
She allowed me her carmine smile,
I left her my heart unbound.

We rode through the bleeding sunset
and dined under autumn trees.
My heart was a locked box,
and now she held the keys.

She went by different names, my love
most of them left me confound.
Hatred, Lust, Jealously among
I heard whispers all around.

Her eyes were filled with secrets,
I did all evidence compile.
What I learned about her nature
filled me with burning revile.

Here is the truth about lady Red:
her true face she keeps hidden.
You may glimpse her passing by
in darker alleys forbidden.

Dripping from a predator’s chin,
breathing through lovers’ lips.
Quick as a chaste kiss,
rare as a silver eclipse.

Deception was her favourite game
Lechery, her chosen weapon.
She rode on a chariot of flame,
swathed in cerise crépon.

We saw each other but scarcely after,
on the odd blighted night.
Encounters that left me with nothing
but this sorry story I cite.

I caught her once laughing
in a dancer’s scarlet gown.
She smiled at me slyly;
and then she was gone.

-Ipshita Peters

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