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For the last nine* days we’ve had eight very talented writers write about colours. They were randomly assigned their colours, and they did a wonderful, inspiring job. It’s not easy to write about a colour with nothing to go on except your own experiences and insight. Which is why I think this was such an enriching experience. We got everything from serene poetry to profound narratives to gripping thrillers. The variety in these posts is truly immense and I’m glad for it, because it just goes to show how much you can express through language. The people who did me this favour by writing for Collab Week have accomplished something that very few people before have been able to – to show the length and breadth of what prose and poetry has to offer. Between the nine posts there’s something for everyone, and each of them are works of art.

So thank you,

Nikita Fernandes for #8A9A5B
Nikita Mujumdar for Before the War
Yash Sharma for Pink: Not a Poem
Ipshita Peters for The Lady Red
Sumer Sharma for Death’s Favourite Colour
Madhulica Kallat for Purple
Shivendra Shukla for Blue and
Samar Dikshit for The Story of Flight 901
With me writing The Silver People

Thank you, everyone, this Collab Week was great. See you all next year.




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