Collab Week 2015 – Colours

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It’s April and that means it’s Collab Week again! Here’s last year’s one. Last year, we had seven writers (including me) writing on my blog about any topic they wanted. They did me the favour of providing me wonderful content, from essays to fiction, to factual and scientific answers to questions. This time it’s going to be about colours. Different colours that capture and convey different thoughts and feelings and emotions. This time we have ten different writers (including me) writing about ten different colours; you’ll be reading fantastic poems that take you on evocative journeys, descriptive essays that resonate and reminisce; stories that… well, they’re stories.

So, to summarize: Ten writers, ten days, ten colours.




So over the next ten days, starting tomorrow, you’re going to see some wonderful posts by very talented people right here on this blog. Stay tuned.

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