#8A9A5B – Nikita Fernandes

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Our first post is a poem by Nikita Fernandes. She writes her own blog at http://poppixelspaper.blogspot.in/ Her colour was green.



A pebble, a puddle,
Some moss, make it double
A pavement less travelled to visit the souls,
Where bittersweet memories and tears echoes.

Some stones, some bones,
You won’t find those gnomes.
A tomb that lays among the rest,
Read “In Memory Of Dear Martha Bourges”.

A visitor each day,
Brings broken bits of bouquet
No tears, no words,
Just nature for the girl.

Hers was the prettiest among the ones desolated
As though her soul was yesterday departed.
Like the eyes of a lover so keen,
For he knew she loved the colour green.

With pine,
Left behind were trails of a canine.
-Nikita Fernandes

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