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Trochees, like life do seldom falter first.
Indeed, the stress at first is not the worst:
The sentence under pyrrhically traversed
The path I chose of iambs, in this verse.

Enjambments that were utlised before
Will find a way to creep within once more;
For now, just take this only substitution
Where I apologise for aberration!

That Alexandrine there was quite a test
To my one pentametric manifest.
Of course, the instant that’s imposed
That one dactylic metre gets exposed.

A day will come when I’ll look back at this-
This poem; the words, I’ll probably dismiss.
I held this pen that writes in blue and white
To self describe a poem; that’s quite the sight.

-Upamanyu Acharya

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Upamanyu Acharya is a writer who doesn't write. Sometimes he's an artist, musician, photographer, physicist or lazy student. His hobbies include being vague, bending rules, time-travel, and embellishment of words. This is his personal blog where he writes on topics ranging from leadership skills to the consistency of jam.

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