Kyrielle Sonnet

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Indistinct we wander – through life,
Wallowing o’er a murky strife.
Where pardons and sorrows are free;
Overwhelmed by infinity

So many ones to choose to love-
Past and present; here, and above.
The choice of solidarity:
Overwhelmed by infinity

Joining dots regarding lineage;
A shadow of a past image-
Do we search for our divinity?
Overwhelmed by infinity

Indistinct we wander through life
Overwhelmed, by infinity.

-Upamanyu Acharya


A Kyrielle Sonnet consists of 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and a non-rhyming couplet). Just like the traditional Kyrielle poem, the Kyrielle Sonnet also has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet consists of only eight syllables.

Just having a bit of fun with words over here.

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