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The skies above the nameless planet were quiet and blue. Little men in suits flapped around the streets of several mega cities, going about their business. What nobody seemed to do, was look up at the sky, where several anomalies were beginning to make themselves apparent. 

The first was a levitating piano, undulating slowly, as if behind a wall of hot air. The second, and far more curious, was a big green formation of cloud, that pointed toward the east, saying ‘There’. The third was something quite unfathomable…

Adrian Cocking stood in front of the big beige sofa in his new office, a mug of coffee in his hand. The sofa was not a very nice colour, he thought, but he accepted it, because this time, he had a large window in his office, overlooking the busy city streets.

Adrian was senior partner at Dunn, Cocking and Aboutt, investigators, recently returned from an epic journey of self discovery around the world, only to find a new office had been procured in his absence. He walked up to the glass, and let his eyes take in the scenes of the everyday rush hour chaos. His eyes flitted to the skies for a moment, and he forgot all about the concrete jungle below him. His jaw slacked, and the next thing he knew was that he had a pair of trousers that smellled of instant-coffee.

He slowly walked, as in a daze, to get some more of the refreshing hot beverage. Coffee wouldn’t let him down. He sat himself at the elegant mahogany desk, and took a sip. 

It tasted reassuring.

The vision he had seen was like nothing he had ever heard of, or experienced before, and he was determined to document it. The list he started then, began from what he knew. The clouds in the sky were giving the whereabouts of… a thing. He was pleased with this observation, and then gathering his coat, he went to the airport.

The charter airline was puzzled at his request for a craft that would fly in ‘that’ direction, indicated by a vague gesture to the east. Money changed their mind, and so they let him have a helicopter, and off he went, to get to the bottom of this decidedly odd business.

An hour later, he spotted a crater that he could have sworn wasn’t present a year ago, when he had left the country to explore and enhance his powers of deduction. The pilot didn’t know of any crater causing events, only that he was being paid by the hour.  

The man in the custom stitched suit that smelled of coffee walked through the sandy wasteland, to the centre of the shallow depression. As he got closer, he could make out the distinct but low buzz of energy pulsing. There was a small blue box in front of him. 

‘This must be it’, he thought, as he tentatively stretched out his hand. He touched it, with eyes shut, expecting something terrible to happen. 

Nothing happened.

Adrian Cocking opened his eyes, picked up the box, and smiled. He had found his destiny. It was a Pentium 4.

Don't worry, I didn't understand it either.

-Shivendra Shukla
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