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I want to tell you something. A few words of inspiration, you might call it.

You are the first of your existence. No one has ever lived the life you have lived, and no one else but you knows what you have experienced. No one shares your joys or your sorrows, and as much as you may want it, you can’t expect anyone to truly share your burden. You are one of a kind, right? There is no one else like you, just as there are no two snowflakes alike.

This snowflake is alike to every other one you've seen.

You have your virtues and vices, and once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you; and once you’ve mastered your virtues, no one can beat you in it.

Only you have lived your life, nobody has brought you down yet, and I will sound like a spiritual counselor if I continue about how great you are, but in truth, you are nothing. There are millions out there just like you and millions who are better than you in every aspect. You are merely a grain of sand in the vast ocean, and no matter how special words make you feel, it doesn’t matter what you immerse yourself into to make yourself feel better about yourself, it won’t work because eventually you will have to resurface and face the cold hard reality.

Only when you resurface can you breathe. And breathing is important. If you don’t breathe you die, but you obviously knew that- See! You are smart.

If ever you try to read something to make you feel better, know one thing, writers are the greatest liars. They play with words and create souls you may wish to be with and lands you wish to live in. Never trust a writer. For that matter you shouldn’t be trusting a word I say either, should you? Well if you are, you are just naïve and still have a long way to go in life. Frankly, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with being naïve except for the fact that people can trick you, and steal all your property, leaving you on the street. But I am getting ahead of myself.

There are always a handful of people who toughen up too fast, these people might just have faced too many hardships in their life and taken the shorter but harder route to growing up, or they just have extremely huge egos. It is usually the latter. And according to me these people are the best writers, because from their eyes they think they know the world and more often than not they make you believe that they know old beautiful world. Well, they don’t. Nobody does. Nobody should. I guess, in many ways, I envy writers, because they have a way with words and a super power of sorts. A power to have people believe in whatever you want them to believe in. Like a cult leader.

Saying all these negative things about writers, they also are one of the best people you will meet because they birth literature. Most of the time it is horrible and you wouldn’t want to go back to it, but sometimes it makes you look at the same world through a different perspective. And without writers, there wouldn’t be any good content. In many ways content creators are what I look forward to in a new day.

-Upasana Acharya

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