Cigarettes and Tea

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Doughy bread and melted butter,
Thirteen cheeses of different colour
Scrambled eggs are yet another
Way to add to my breakfast table clutter

I like to keep things simple, you see
None of those fancy carbs for me
Just a newspaper that I can flutter
With cigarettes and tea

My entire house is a teapot, or atleast it should be
My bedroom should have a Darjeeling infusion IV
I’ll have a double drip injection of that luscious tea
And of course, nothing’s better than some morning nicotine

The finest brews from Himalayan mountains,
The shiniest cups from porcelain markets,
Not a single biscuit or crumpet no more
Kettles are too slow;
I have a tea fountain

Yes, of course I want milk and sugar. All of it. I want to see that spoon stand up.

Newborn rays and morning dew
Are nothing compared to my most excellent brew
I think I’ll have have a little side dish too:
Heavy smoke cigarettes from Peru
None of those patches or vapours will do

The champion’s breakfast – the perfect high
My lighter’s dead; the toaster’s my friend
With cigarettes and my cup of brown joy
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