Life in Mumbai – A Poem

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Self made man walking through the streets
His goat has been captivated by useless falling pitter-patter
Rainfall levels have no effect on municipal tanks
Man drinks whiskey while goat dies of malnutrition.
Pitter-patter hits windows with startling accuracy
While kid checks his mobile phone for messages that never come
Hospitals next to parking lots/urinals
Are closed with the air conditioner on.
One type of fish is being cooked in a house
With the two hundred others in the hotel next door
Hideous professors drive their Hyundai back to their liftless apartments
Where their wives cook the same dinner everyday.
A drop of pitter-patter falls in a railway line
Public transport in the city has been shut down for the day
Streets are crowded and people are stranded
Streetside samosa seller makes big money on occasion.
Fake videogames being played on expensive consoles
Maximum retail price is being debated and onions are being bought
Pitter-patter gives way to scorching heat

Another goat dies of malnourishment.

Upamanyu Acharya
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