One Direction, Percy Jackson and Dancing

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Apparently simply colouring wasn’t enough; it had to be manly. Hence, a contest with dancing and all.

So, once again I gave my camera a test and my friends and I got down to business. We were staying the night at Chevy’s house and ran out of things to do. Beerio-Kart was dismissed since we’re too young to drink beer, and it was too late for tea. The morn beckoned softly as it whispered its magnificence into our ears, and one by one we each agreed to the idea of a colouring competition.

What followed is what happened in the video, more or less. It’s a bit on the long side, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

The guy in the red T-Shirt is Samar. I’m the civilized person in the yellow shirt. Chevy’s the tall one, and Ramu is the person behind the camera who occasionally makes an appearance. He’s a bit shy, except when he hits us.

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