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Today is overrated.

Everything we want done, we’re told to do it today.

Right now, just now. Not not now. Just right now.

Today means possibilities. Today is the meristem for the branch of your life. Today is the ore that becomes your sword. Today is the shift gear on your washed out but functioning car. Today is the turtle shell you pray hits the fellow in front of you. Today is the aurora borealis sparking itself into existence. Today is the easy way to say that functions that need to be performed will happen.

But nothing ever happens.

Things happen. Things happen all the time.

Today is the false promise promised to us by revered specialists we’ve never met. We’ve never met the todayists.

The todayist does everything today. The todayist doesn’t ponder over the problem; the todayist solves it. The todayist always remembers to put the lettuce on top of the bottom bun. The todayist never forgets the jaggery in your green tea. The todayist tips the taxi driver just enough to show his appreciation for the job he performed. The todayist has never had a day he didn’t polish his glasses. The todayist drives 38 in a 45. The todayist remembers your phone number. The todayist goes home every night and Skypes with his family who live away. The todayist always knows which chord to play and which bar to fill. The todayist will do it today.

But we’ve never met the todayists.

There are no todayists.

All we have are people. We have botanists and teachers and astronauts. We have the occasional drunkard and graffitist and artist and barista. We have eskimos and sandwich-artists and garbage collectors and writers. We have crab fishermen and diamond surveyors and meteorologists and PhD students. We have motorcyclists and entrepreneurs and pathologists and homemakers and saxophonists and pilots. But we don’t have any todayists.

I’ve never seen today.

You haven’t seen today either. No one has.

But we don’t need to live today.

Living today is doubtful. Living tomorrow is optional.

But living yesterday is a necessity.

Yesterday was the day it all culminated. All those paths you took, some with red eyes and aspirin infused thoughts, some while loaded on caffeine and some after writing exams you only wrote to pass that phase of your life. All those paths you took merged into one yesterday. All the branches merged into one finite point, not too far from the horizon but just far enough to not let you catch it.

Yesterday was beautiful, because you had a choice.

Yesterday was magnificent, because you made a choice.

Yesterday might have been okay or not okay, or nice.

But yesterday was enlightening. You chose to do it.

You’re all part of a universal clan that accepts everyone and no one, because you share everything in common and yet nothing at the same time. Ever single person you can ask to borrow a pen or give you the time or discuss the weather or share a seat with on the bus shares a special connection with you.

Because you’re not a tomorrrowist.

And you’re not a todayist.

Yes. Embrace the fact:

You’re all yesterdayists.

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