Wet Paint

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There is something about the smell of wet paint that needs to be understood with greater understanding. So this post shall be dedicated to exactly that.
What does wet paint actually smell like. If I ask one of the sheep, they’ll think about it for a second, put their hand on their chin, look away for a bit, squint one of their eyes, try to think some more, turn back to face me, smile and say, “well, it smells like, well, paint!”

The magnitude of your ignorant fallacy cannot be fathomed by lesser beings such as yourself.
Wet paint. If you distil the resin obtained from pine trees, add about a millilitre of unleaded petrol, a dash of alcoholic spirit, some freshly ground charcoal, a tinge of 97% concentrated sulphuric acid, and some egg albumen, I imagine you would get something that resembles the smell of paint.

Wet paint, like petrol, is one of those smells that you either like or you hate. This post shall not contain a fancy rhyming thing dedicated to paint. Instead, let us have a minute of deep thought to comprehend the complexities of the vicious science that went into creating it.
Okay fine, if you insist:

The smell of the wettest of wet paints
Is not the best in the universe, no.
In fact, that award goes to a new car seat
In a space-ship near Stavromulo Beta IV
The most simple thing is something to wonder;
That the wettest of wet paints is wet
But really, only the Philosoraptor does ponder:
Underwater, does dry paint really set?
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