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I want to share a few great pictures that I’ve taken throughout the course of the summer vacation. They range anywhere from awesome to mind-blowing amazing. Leave a comment if you want to know more about any image, I’ll be happy to describe further.


IMG_2378This is a picture of the hundred rupee note. It was lying around, and I thought I’d memorialize it on my blog.


IMG_2138Ah, Where’s Wally. I managed to get my hands on this a few weeks ago. I can tell you from first hand experience, he’s more pro than Annie Frank when it comes to hiding. Come to think of it, I can’t even find the book. Touché, Wally.


IMG_1984This is a picture of an abandoned house near the Vajreshwari temple in the town of Vajreshwari, near Mumbai. I noticed this pigeon eyeing me, as though it’s trying to tell me, “Your vicious overlords, the raptors shall come and devour your flesh and soul,” and by raptor it meant crow.


IMG_0972I took this picture at Willingdon Club. I don’t know what flower this is, could be an orchid or a jasmine. Really, I have no clue. Leave a comment if you can provide further insight.


IMG_1429Well, what can I say? I was tempted to take this picture when I was walking down an avenue type of place. But what makes it special? Well, this.


IMG_1435I found this bird in the same place where I took the last picture. It’s supposed to be an Indian Myna.


IMG_1441For those of you who don’t know, this is how a banana plant looks like. Not tempting at all.


IMG_1498This is a hibiscus flower. I love taking pictures of flowers.

Well, so there it is. There are more, but I can’t put up all of them since my computer, on which I write these blog posts, is still not fixed. I know it’s been more than a month, but amidst studies and procrastination, I barely have any time to sit and write a post. Standing too.

Disclaimer: If you copy a single one of these pictures, for personal, commercial, non-profit, profit but not commercial or bragging to your friends, you are liable to be sued for property theft by a very respected and revered lawyer friend of mine, Mr. Haversham. If any copy of any size or specification, modified or unmodified version of any of the above pictures are found on any website or otherwise non-digital communication medium, action ranging anywhere from putting chewing gum in your hair or nuclear warfare will be taken against you and any other affiliates or third party aiding you in your crime. Peace.

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  1. AnanyaCh

    Dude, you are a great photographer.
    You have a DSLR?
    Which camera?

    Keep up the amazing photography.


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