A device that must be created.

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I’ve referred to this in one of my previous posts too (though it was way before this blog achieved what one might call 'a single follower'). A problem which I, and I'm sure tons of writers face is getting a brilliant idea and then not remembering it. My problem doesn't really sound that bad does it? Well, here's the thing: I only ever get brilliant ideas in three places. Under the dining table, near the (I'm guessing) palm tree and in the shower. Yes, that's right. In the shower. It might seem weird, but for many people the only time that they're absolutely at their peak of self realisation is in a place which is calming, private and either too hot or too cold for the human body to bear.

Of course, most of the time in the shower is spent either turning round and round or contemplating the complex mysteries of hydro dynamics. And it is at this time that the best ideas often find their way into my head.

The problem with columnists and writers is that they can write about any topic they want. This seems very moderately achievable at first, but after you've ruled out some of the obviously irrelevant ones and extinguished the other ideas in previous posts, that's when it starts getting challenging to think about something to write. Of course, I don't face the same level of pressure that George Orwell or Douglas Adams did, but it still takes me anywhere between an hour or two to get an idea, shape it into a ductile stream if thought, write it, repair it, add pictures to make it more shiny (because who doesn't like shiny things, eh?) and post it.

So I propose a challenge to scientists and luxury bathroom product designers. I want you to create something onto which I can input my ideas and save them for later. Preferably accessible through wifi and accompanied with an iPad app so I can check them out on my bed too. Oh and while you guys are at it, a cup holder would be nice. You know, because it's never not a good time to have Iced Tea.

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