There’s not much to post about.

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There’s not been much to post about lately. I’ve not been doing anything great. Just a bit of procrastination here and there (and everywhere), a few sessions of watching Dexter and Castle and twitting. I hate to call Twitter Twitter. I prefer to call it Tweeter, and the act of tweeting is called twitting. And the past tense of a twit is a twat, so a twit anytime in the past is a called a twat and the act of having posted a twit is called twatting

Hopefully you have clicked atleast one of those links? No? It’s alright, I’ll just uh… sit down gently in the corner and uh… weep. 

Picture unrelated. 
An important point which you people must note in your diary or journal or hand or whatever is that I am going to Calcutta for a week. So hopefully I shall have some experiences which I can share about, such as getting kidnapped at the airport and then time-travelling the hell back and not getting kidnapped.

I’m also no doubt getting prepared for such a difficult journey.How? By downloading the movie The Wall of course. If I am ever bored, or if people are ever wondering what that slate type of thing that that fellow is holding is (hint: it’s an iPad), I shall show it to them and they will be horrified, at the same time that they will find it a tad interesting. That’s the beauty of anything Pink Floyd, you know. You are never at a loss for anything to say; just pick up a line from any Pink Floyd lyric and you shall make yourself seem like a demi-god. Here’s an example:

Old man: How are you?
Old man: All in all it was, another brick in the wall.
Me: Touché, old man. Touché… 

It also works when you are giving a presentation about Fats in Biology class in front of the whole class. Trust me, I’ve done it before.
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