Rebirth and Restoration.

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Lately I’ve not been very active. You know, lazing around, playing Age of Mythology and generally procrastinating on Facebook. While all my friends are away, I’m the only one stuck here with nothing fun to do. But unlike regular people who are not geniuses, I don’t feel sad about that. Infact, all the sadness I’ve ever felt is staged. Unless you count real sadness that is real and has not been staged because it was never on a stage.

Iced tea.

I’ve been thinking, this is time that I can actually use to get some work done. Useful work, that doesn’t include anything related to the internet, because nothing on the internet is ever useful. I am going to take pictures of things if I ever get to go somewhere out of this city, and I guarantee, they will be good ones. I’ll also play a little bit of guitar, because if I play a lot of it, I’ll become really good and my guitar teacher will think I am cheating. And then I’ll have to explain to him that I’m not cheating; I have superhuman abilities when it comes to comprehension.

Also, Obama’s speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was rather cool. If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

And when you’ve seen that, you’ll understand this absolutely hilarious picture:


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