The story of two dogs.

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Today, I shall tell you a story. It’s not a very exciting story, but it’s not boring either. Hopefully during this period you shall get up only once, and that once you will fetch some chocolate chip cookies (with extra chocolate).

This story is about a girl. Let’s call her Vera. Vera owned two dogs. The dogs were insanely cute, so cute that when you looked at it, you wouldn’t think things like, “My god, this dog is so cute.” Instead, you would wonder whether one of the dogs was a wolf. And the truth was, one of them was actually a wolf. But that didn’t matter, because it was cute. And cuteness effectively negates any bad qualities one may have; unless of course, you are a human being. In that case, you have the added burden of people’s expectations. Expectations that you would be intelligent, practical and fun to be around. Of course, more likely than not, you’d be neither of those, and thus cuteness would infact be an unfavoured quality.

wolf   not wolf One is a dog and one is wolf. But both are puppies.

One night, Vera had a nightmare. She dreamt about things like deserts and mountains, and crashing aeroplanes, and intimidating anacondas. She finally woke up when she had a dream that her name was being written in a little black book. It bothered her no more; the bedclothes were all soaked in sweat. It was obvious that she was having a rather unpleasant dream. And somehow she had a feeling that it was not over yet.

She got out of bed, and instinctively dragged a comb across her head. She found her way downstairs and had a cup of water. Looking up, she noticed that it was well beyond midnight. Not knowing what to do, and fearing for the worst, since her dream had left her shaken, she grabbed her favorite book from the enormous bookshelf; Winnie the Pooh.

Everybody likes Winnie the Pooh. It is one of the very few books which teach both children and adults alike. What it teaches, nobody knows. Nor do they care, because it is such a great book, and Pooh bear is one of the most likable characters ever invented. Vera flipped the first page of the book and grinned at the heartening illustration of a pot-bellied yellow bear, along with a small pink colour creature that looked a lot like a centipede with sunburn. But she knew that it was Piglet, so it was all well and good. No confusion there. So she flipped to the other page. It was blank. She flipped to the next page. That was blank too. She flipped through all the pages of the book, and they were all blank. This was not the way it was meant to be. It freaked Vera out so much that she let out a little scream and ran away from the book, towards her dogs.

They were still sleeping. She hugged them tight. Even though the dogs were merely puppies, and very cute puppies at that, she experienced a state of protection around them. Holding them in her arms, she soon fell asleep, deep into an abyss of slumber, into a place where one cannot differentiate dream from reality.

Or so she thought. She had not, infact, plunged deep into the vortex of a state of disillusionment. Rather, she had just woken up. She dragged herself out of bed and went towards the kitchen. She always kept her dogs in the kitchen, because she thought that it was only appropriate. The dogs were fine. She brushed her teeth and did all her normal chores that she would do every morning. Gardening was one of them. After her morning routine, she made her way towards the dogs again.

The dogs had woken up.
So she put them to bed.
Between two bits of bread.

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