The 2nd Saddest day of my life.

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Today marks the day something terrible has happened. (Not TOO terrible, but terrible enough). My dog; my sweetheart; my partner in crime; my sidekick in heroism; my backup singer; my science teacher, is no more.


This is what Montesquieu looked like. Whenever I would hold a cricket bat in my hand he’d make these puppy dog eyes, as if he wants to be spared of the brutality of the pain that the bat can inflict. Oh, how I miss you my sweet Montesquieu!

No dog.

This morning I woke up with a phone call. Who needs alarm clocks when there are people who can annoy you more? Then I got ready a bit, and when I came out I saw Montesquieu in a weird posture. I taught him how to do many tricks, such as handstands, candlestands, juggling with 4 chainsaws and balancing 3 snowballs one on top of the other. With his nose. But this one was something I had not seen before. It’s like a tractor turned upside down. That was his state.

I got suspicious. But before I could react, I realized he was no more.
Poor, POOR Montesquieu. You will be remembered in my heart forever. May the Epicness be with you.
R.I.E Montesquieu

Edit: Incase your puny mind hasn’t been able to comprehend, this was an April Fool’s post. The dog isn’t really mine; I never had a dog. Instead, Ginger belongs to a guy called Chevy, whose blog happens to be really awesome. 
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  1. Shev Roullette

    Hey, you made a huge fuss when i didn't credit you in "mind of a killer".png, but you very conveniently cut me out.I shall remove your credit thing on my blog within the next 30 hours if you do not give me credit. And now you CAN tell people that it was an April Fool's Day joke. Ginger is not amused. Nor are we.

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