Requiem, a poem.

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Perhaps you have had a hilarious encounter
With mythical creatures of the deep
Or you might even have been the founder
Of your own experiences; known as dreams.

I myself
Once met an elf
That had ridiculously short feet
But I pondered over it no more
For deep down inside I wanted it to know
That the best shoes are often on the shelf.

Maybe it wasn’t a creature;
Perhaps it was a human being.
But pondering over things that don’t matter
Make them less and less endearing.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this;
I need a breath of fresh air.
I’ll swim out of the water to catch my breath
And I swear I won’t compare
This mortal despair
To a penguin.

I knew I just kind of threw it out there
The last line wasn’t really fair
I guess I should rhyme words with care
Incase it makes the reader less aware
Of the fact that rhyming words with air
Is easier than ending a poem with
A reference to a fallen ruin:
The Requiem.

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