An Interview of Two Influential Minds.

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It was a rather nice day. Like nice days normally are, you know; not lousy. It’s a good thing that today’s weather was so wonderful, because I had to meet two very influential people. One of them is the great upa007, who, if you are not aware already, is a great writer, influential poet and also a rather creative artist. Did I mention he was also a musician?

The other influential person was called ShevRoullete. (He’s also known as Chevy.)  He is also a great writer, influential poet and somewhat creative artist.

Walking up to the coffee shop on this wonderful day wasn’t a very difficult task. They had very fine taste in places of interest, because this was one of the nice parts of town, in a quiet but busy part of the suburban landscape. Once there I found Upa and Chevy fighting it out over a game of Pokémon, the former was looking calm while sipping his cold coffee; Chevy offered a fine contrast while drinking his iced tea. I walked up to them and engaged in small talk. They offered me a cup of juice or a glass of tea. I politely refused and proceeded to ask them the first set of questions I had in mind…

Do you like Apple products, and if so, why?

Upa: I don’t like anything related to Apple at all. I have a 64 GB iPad, and an 80 GB iPod classic, which according to me, is the best product Apple have ever released. The hardware of most of their products is below par at best, but the way they’re designed and the way people scramble over to buy them makes it so successful. Apple’s software too is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Not that Windows is something really great, but really, both the OSX and iOS are unusable in many simple tasks that a normal computer or phone might be able to do. Not to forget that basically everything they make has an ‘i’ before it. iHate all products that iDon’t like and iAntagonize many of Apple’s iProducts. iZebra. (I just added that for no reason at all). Final verdict: Very fail.

ShevRoullette: Well, I grew up learning that apples were fruits, and was rather surprised to find out that some company existed, which had taken its name from a fruit. I don’t claim to know the reason, they could have called called themselves “Orange”, or “Banana”, and based themselves in Nevada, but they do exist. And, well, they should consider their work before they release it. I downloaded iOS 4.3 about a month after 4.2 released, and noticed that there were some discoulored lines that flickered around. Then, exactly a week later, iOS 4.3.1 released. I’d almost completed the download, and then 

                                                                                   iTunes crashed.

So, though I have one, and it works well,  and has many features and stuff, there are some drawbacks on the software front. iTunes has this very weird, but helpful feature : It stops downloading a podcast or an app, and when you start the download again, in panic because you downloaded very much of it, your face brightens as it resumes downloading from the point you left off.

On the other hand line, iOS updates are erased completely.

     iPod Software Update 594.3MB/689MB.

     Error downloading iPod software: The connection timed out.


      iPod Software Update zero KB/689 MB.


What is your favourite piece of literature?

Upa: Reading has always been one of my most favourite past times. My style of writing has evolved over the ages, but certain authors and books have always remained a huge influence. Most of them, I’ve forgotten, but a few I still remember. A.A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh is definitely a really awesome one. Chapter Three.Pooh bear is a total role model for children of all ages from 7 to 16.

He struts around the forest like a total brave-hearted hardcore bear. And then there’s Piglet, the little Pink thing which you can barely see in the illustrations.

Piglet teaches you that all that glitters is not gold, or some other proverb like that which tells you that even though it’s small, it’s still pretty deadly. I think the proverb had something to do with a book and a cover, but I can’t exactly put these words together in a string to form a sentence that makes sense.


I always end up with things like:

A book is not a cover.
A cover is not a book.
A judge will help you to find the book but not the cover.
Cover the book and hit the judge.
In Soviet Russia, book covers you!

Of course, there are other books such as Harry Potter. That was the first series where I found the other use for a broomstick: to clean the floor.

ShevRoullette: We’re talking about books now.

I’ve read many books until yesterday, and I’m going to start another one tomorrow.

What is your favourite phase of the moon?

ShevRoullette:(Can someone remind me what a moon is?)

Sir! That’s the moon, sir!

Oh yeah, that thing in the sky.

Now you were asking?..

Ah that.Well, my favorite phase of the moon is the full moon. It’s supposed to be religious and holy, but that’s not my reason for liking it. It’s just nice to look up at the sky, and be re-assured that someone out there is willing to not eat you up bit by bit, unlike the moon.


Upa: Ah, the moon. The moon is a really cool thing because it’s so huge. Every night, when you’re wondering why the sun isn’t there and you see the moon, it always reminds you that there are big brothers and little brothers. The sun is the little brother, because long ago, long before you were ever born, the moon told the sun to get lost. The sun started crying, and it still is today. The setting suns are just a way to show its wild mood swings. Which is why I don’t like the sun; you either stay or you don’t. You can’t take a holiday for half a day, every day!

The moon is also really cool because the last time I went there, I could bounce a lot. It’s like you’re in one of those inflatable houses in which kids go and get hurt, except I didn’t get hurt.

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