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Recently, I was working on recording a track – the intro of the Pink Floyd song Breathe, to be more precise. I normally use a small microphone to record from my acoustic guitar and I use Audacity to record it. It’s pretty good for Freeware, and it gets the job done finely and quickly.

This is my acoustic guitar. So then I finished recording the 3 tracks and the 2 overdubs I needed for it, and I finished the digital splicing and all the other technical stuff required to polish the sound.

And then suddenly, out of nowhere, Audacity just stopped! It didn’t even crash or throw up an error or anything. One second it was working, and the next second it just disappeared. I wasn’t really caught by surprise; I’m just exaggerating because I know you’re gullible enough to believe me. Well, anyway, I opened Audacity again, and it just showed the tabs and all, my tracks were gone. Gone with the wind; gone as though the people who came before the people who were there at the present needed to go to the loo; gone like a helium balloon escaping from a child’s hand; gone like my Epicness. No, wait, my Epicness is an inherent trait of mine that is timeless and eternal. But there was no way to recover the missing tracks. Hours worth of effort, wasted.

Looking at that picture I’m wondering if I can maybe fuse my electric and acoustic guitar (first on Photoshop and then in real life) to make a sort of brilliant semi-electric guitar, which has cherry-red designs instead of blue. (See the other guitar in this post). Then perhaps I’d be able to go to Madagascar with a gun in my back pocket and the guitar in my hands, and a hippo would appear somewhere and yawn. And you know a hippo’s yawn, it’s like the engine of a Boeing 747, except it makes more noise and perhaps it’s larger (not to mention smellier). And then when the hippo yawns, I play a G power chord and the hippo’s like “Whoa, relax dude, I was just joking” and he tries to grin, but as you know, hippos can’t grin.

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