I don’t like torturing my ears.

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I listen to Pink Floyd a lot. Perhaps that would be an understatement; I live Pink Floyd. Everything about Pink Floyd is so hugely Epic that I fail to see why no one else listens to it. Maybe it’s because just about everyone I’ve ever met is either incompetent or mentally and psychologically shallow. Or both.

Crayons are Epic. Dark Side of the Moon.

If one would remember the 60s, you’d remember Simon and Garfunkel being on top of the charts with hits like the timeless ‘Sound of Silence’ and the awe-inspiring ‘Scarborough Fair’ and stuff. A little later you’d find The Beatles, with all their (well deserved) glory. I like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s a brilliant album with classics like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I love when Lennon lets his voice fade out towards the end of each verse; “Towering over your haaaair”. Moving on, the legendary Pink Floyd and whatever came after that till the 90s is just the home child of real rock acts.

And it’s after that that the madness starts. I absolutely hate the fact that the concept of a “band” is slowly fading away. Oh, you create music? Yeah, you’re probably one of those people who write shallow lyrics, barge into a studio and record your horrible, horrible voice till everyone in the studio holds back their tears of pain and agony. Then the people you pay to do the real work, that is, creating and playing the actual instrumental parts, they get nothing. Yes, I hate people like you.

One more thing that annoys me is that EVERY pop song has to have a rap segment in it. Why is that? I mean, do people get bored listening to your lame verse – chorus – verse – chorus – solo – chorus – outro theme that you need to fit a rap segment in it? Noob, please.

If I wanted to listen to real music I wouldn’t be looking anywhere after the late 90s. I think that has something to do with the fact that Pink Floyd released their last album in 1995, but, whatever. (Exceptions to these rules include Pink Floyd because they are gods.)

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