Out of reach.

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For around a week or so I tried to think of something to write, but I think I got something of a creative block. Countless experiences (of Pink Floyd) later, I still haven’t thought of something to write about. So then I took a few pictures and thought I’d put one of them here and see what I can write about it. Sort of like a picture composition, but without the composition part.

More than a light

This is by far the best picture I’ve ever clicked. Partly because I love Monopoly. Partly because it’s the best picture I’ve ever clicked.

One would think that all this talk about the best board game ever would make me open that box which is hanging dangerously from its vantage point, but yet the path to tread is narrow, and the drop is sheer and very high. Apprehension creeps, like a chill-wind up your spine. Will the clasp on the box reach the end, will the final footsteps rhyme?

Too much effort.

I guess I’ll have to wait for another year or so for it to fall from the top.

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