The Sky is Boundless, the World is Alive

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After about a year, with the occasion of my father getting a new laptop, I can play Flight Simulator X again. And it’s as good  as it was back in 2005. I also installed the drivers for the joystick and calibrated it. I then changed the realism settings and stuff and finally the controls. My first flight started from Eagle Creek Aerodrome, but I realised that my joystick wasn’t letting the aircraft bank left, so I had to re-calibrate it. I started the flight again, but this time noticed that the rudders were set ever so slightly towards the left. Not good. I had to quit and change that too (I don’t use rudders for my flights). And then, finally, I was able to enjoy the beauty of flight again.
This picture is taken at Sitka, Alaska during sunset. Amazing sight!
Enjoy the flight!

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