It was meant to be a holiday

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So, it was meant to be a holiday. And it is. I’m wondering what I can do about it. I can perhaps study, seeing as how I fail just about every exam I sit for, and that probably won’t account for much since I don’t attend many anyway as I’m always either absent or late for school, the latter being much worse as our school follows Orwellian principles. I think all the prayers and all are just a distraction from the religion it actually follows; The Silent Orwellian World of Non-Debate. If only they had a figure reminiscent of Big Brother. Oh wait…

I could also practice my guitar playing, seeing as I’m not very good at that either. Perhaps maybe read over some books like Mein Kampf and Animal Farm, or maybe even that great Biology book that my dad got me once. 

But enough with the boring stuff. 

Oh wait, there is nothing else except boring stuff. 

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