Summer Vacation

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Remember a last few times I always ranted every vacation ’cause I never go ANYWHERE???

Yeah. I’m doin’ it again. Why can’t I go anywhere? The maximum I can do is just go out and experiments with various shots and stills of photos taken from the camera. Summer is so not cool (no pun intended by the way). I was out for one day one day…. but I guess that doesn’t count. There isn’t any ice in the house which is just sad, because every night on the Discovery Channel there are these shows like “planet earth” and “Lost Worlds” which always show ice. Ice everywhere and yet no ice. There seems to be some shortage of Ice in this world because all the polar caps are melting too. And that is so not cool. (which it isn’t ’cause it melts 😀 ) Also humidity levels increase for some strange reason, the humidity levels should increase during winter and not summer so that there’ll be snow (and Ice) in this barren, hot and humid wasteland. Also I caught one guy trying to use OUR Wi-Fi in the park that day through his so called Play Station Portable. He showed me, “Hey cool, there’s Wi-Fi here, wonder whose it is, but I wish it wasn’t encrypted!” In your face lil’ sunshine, I’m waaaayyyyy more Epic than you.
I don’t like summer. (I would like it if it snowed in summer like in Chile or Antarctica, so we would have loads a snow. And Ice)

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